The 6 Tenets Of Healthy Relationships


The sea as a teacher, plenty of fish and schools of fish are all terse and pithy idioms that have been rooted in history to navigate us through the oft-perplexing tides of relationships. However, when a relationship is going right, whether romantic or platonic, there are common factors across the board that reveal to us whether things are headed in the right direction or if a nearby storm is brewing.

1. There is open communication that is honest and consistent
You cannot be afraid of having certain conversations with your partner for fear of what might be. They cannot read your mind and it is important to lay out your thoughts and be truthful instead of holding back for the right opportunity. Bottling up thoughts and emotions is not conducive to the natural flow of life that come with its peaks and dips. Speaking about your issues with friends or family is also not a solution, you must go to the direct source. Some of the biggest factors that lead to failed relationships include issues of communication, commitment and trust.

Always give the other person a chance to speak their mind without reacting right away in the heat of the moment. You don’t have to agree with everything they say as long as you are listening and respecting their viewpoints. When your turn to speak comes, they will be expected to do the same and from there you can come to a common meeting ground.

2. Imperfections are embraced without any expectation of perfection
You do not try to change your partner and accept them for who they are, imperfections or not, because we all have them. Often times we let negative aspects overshadow the positive, despite knowing that it’s much healthier to focus on all the positive things that are going right.

3. You are both straight-forward and don’t play games
This goes back to communication, being forth-right and not dancing around important subjects. When people play games, what results is superficial, tedious and a complete waste of time spent circumventing the real issue at hand. It is a clear sign that emotional maturity is lacking. Not being straight-forward about different factors from relationship goals to career choices and children will present problems soon enough. A prime example is saying that you are interested in a serious relationship when all you truly want is something casual and short-term.

4. Your actions speak to your words and vice versa
You let the other person know they are appreciated and loved by saying and doing. Words can get you a long way, but verbal and physical forms work in tandem. If you say you love someone, show them how. Similarly, when you demonstrate gestures of love and appreciation daily then any words you say will reinforce the physical aspects.

5. You value freedom and personal space but work together wonderfully as a team
Entering a relationship doesn’t mean that you need to be attached to the person you’re with at every beck and call. Respecting personal space is quite important as everyone needs their down time. You can be in a partnership with another but still maintain your independence and support each other within a team framework.

6. Personal growth is encouraged and celebrated
Your endurance and character will be tested through tough times to see if you can push through the hurdles. This serves to build the strength of your relationship as it won’t always be smooth sailing. There is no such thing as winning an argument in this case as it will be both sides that will benefit from the experience on some level.

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