Real Men In 10 Ways


The mark of a real man takes many forms, we have rounded up some of the best below:

Maintains composure
He knows how to handle his temper and doesn’t let his frustration and anger overtake his decisions. In heated moments, we are markedly prone to casting out the first irritated thoughts and words that come to mind. However, taking a step back and truly thinking before speaking takes composure and can help to pacify the situation rather than fuel it.

Man of his word
He stands true to his word, says what he believes and is honest with you at all times. Many people can be manipulative, stringing together lines with false intentions and hidden agendas; a real man is direct in his thoughts and actions and wouldn’t purposefully hurt his love.

Hard-working and ambitious
A real gentleman is passionate, pursues what he loves and is diligent about achieving his goals. He knows what he’s looking for and does everything in his power to actualize his vision. The significance of having interests and dreams beyond his partner can’t be overstated enough, as it shows a clear drive in life which is undoubtedly attractive.

Values your space
Being in a meaningful relationship with someone is an indication that you share many interests, goals and values. Sharing is the operative word in partnerships, but it doesn’t mean that you need to spend every waking minute together. Everyone needs their space and time to enjoy themselves in ways they see fit. Of course spending time together serves to nourish and strengthen a relationship, but balance needs to be maintained.

Respectful when speaking of others
We can’t get along with everyone we meet, but our attitude towards another whether in their presence or not ties in with respect. If your man only has negative things to say about others, that is a clear warning sign. A lot can also be said about how he speaks of past relationships; they may not have been the best of experiences, but he is not caustic or offensive in recounting the events.

Gives you answers
When first meeting someone, questions will arise as they often do. Having someone who is more than willing to meet you with answers and discuss matters in an open and sincere way is a signal of maturity.

Sees past your extrinsic qualities
Many couples jump into relationships with not much else to support the cause other than outward appearances. A real man can see past the temporality of a woman’s looks in order to probe the much deeper, long-lasting aspects of her being that will carry the relationship through the years.

Not intimidated by your drive
An ambitious man will support an equally ambitious woman and motivate her on the path to actualizing her dreams. It is an exchange that amplifies the potential of both individuals in creating the lives they envision for themselves.

Trusts you
He is confident in your affection for him and doesn’t feel it is necessary to give other men a second thought. There is no need to compete because he trusts your love and the relationship more than the fleeting people that enter life just as quickly as they exit.

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