9 Molecular Drinks That Will Change Your Life


Alcohol consumption is a double edged sword that has been around human history since the dawn of time. Well… Maybe not since that first moment, but shortly afterwards. Instead of bringing you the same old cocktail recipes from the stone ages, we brought science to our aid: here are 9 cocktails enhanced by science not only to taste better, but to look so cool we bet you’ll impress anyone attending your next party.

Frozen Cube Bloody Mary


We all know the classic Bloody Mary – a mix of vodka with tomato juice, Tabasco sauce, salt and pepper. This drink however, is a clever way of drinking the Mary. Mix all the ingredients together (minus vodka) and freeze them in an ice cube tray. When you wanna drink, just add a few cubes and pour vodka on them to watch them thaw and blend in front of your eyes!

Hail (Bloody) Mary

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Keep on reading to find out more scientific molecular mixes!

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