7 Foods That Will Surely Improve Your Love Life


Who doesn’t want better love life? And to be able to achieve it by eating delicious and healthy foods? We were definitely game to get the info on this topic, and now we are sharing 7 secret super foods we found out about, foods which are great for your health, beauty, and your love life! Read on, eat up, and be sure to enjoy.


2 chocolate

First grown and used in Central and South America, Aztec Emperor Montezuma supposedly drank 50 goblets of a special chocolate drink every day before visiting his harem. The secret in this favorite treat is that chocolate contains phenylethylamine, a chemical compound which releases the neurotransmitter dopamine. Dopamine increases happiness and feelings of euphoria and is known to spike during a climax. In 2006 a study was released stating that women who ate chocolate had a higher chance of increasing their libido. But stick to the dark chocolate, ladies. You’ll avoid unwanted sugars leading to weight gain plus you’ll get more of that natural cacao for a better “high” in your love life.

A better “high” in your love life


You will never guess which other food is an aphrodisiac!

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