7 Ways To Show Up For Your Partner


Take interest in things they love even if you’re not into it right away
Maybe your partner’s list of hobbies includes racing cars, fishing, video games and sports. When it comes down to it, you most likely know nothing about the above and that is exactly the problem. Try to learn as much as you can about your partner’s hobbies and take the opportunity to explore them. A test run won’t hurt, it is all about trying and learning something new.

Encourage nights out with their friends
You may love spending time with your significant and can never get your fill of them, but you need to encourage them to enjoy their free time with friends also. Being too attached and untrusting every time you partner wants a second away is a turn off in any situation.

Surprise them
Keep the anticipation alive from when you first met by keeping things dynamic and unexpected. Cut out the banalities of iterating the same things day in and out and throw in a wild card. You can plan a night out, book concert tickets or plan a special meal. Think of what would floor you and do the same for them.

Laugh with each other and at each other
There’s nothing that breaks the ice more than a good laugh. It diffuses awkward situations and allows you to better relate to the person you’re with. Relating awkward, yet hilarious anecdotes about yourself is a reflection of your confidence. You effectively communicate that you are comfortable in your own skin and aren’t apprehensive of being yourself.

Find the small things that make them tick
Show up for them with ideas that will move them, no matter how small. One option is to make a playlist with their favorite tunes to take with them anywhere they go. It is a wonderful way to let them know you value their interests as much as your own.

Make an effort to connect with their friends and family
It’s important to relate to important people in your partner’s life. You don’t have to love them, but you do need to respect the relationship and find ways to connect with people they care about. Approach the situation authentically, but light-heartedly. Broaching the subject from too serious a standpoint will cause the tension to play out more.

Spice up the relationship.
Keep the relationship alive by keeping your love-making skills on their feet and guessing. Inspiration is pervasive and can be drawn all around. Find out what turns on your partner the most and make the effort to lavish them with what they love. Get ingenious and make it unforgettable.

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