5 Habits Of Happy Couples


An ingrained habit comes as second nature and requires little if any effort or premeditation. Most habits are learned behaviors and can be applied to our normal routine by repeating the practice daily. Happy couples engage in set behaviors that many unhappy couples rarely come to touch upon. Below we’ve listed some of the most common. You can try one out for the next few weeks and create your own along the way.

The power of touch
Happy couples are in the habit of holding hands when they go out, hugging or giving loving touches at random moments. It could be while cooking, watching a movie or after work – anytime the mood strikes. The power of touch is perhaps the strongest of the senses and is a second hand to affection.

Interests and action
They share similar interests and are in the habit of going out together to enjoy them. While it is important for each person to have their own interests and hobbies, bonding with your partner by doing something you both love is equally important. It is not about the amount of time you spend together, but the quality of the experience.

Loving words
Saying words such as “I love you” and other affectionate terms does wonders to reaffirm the actions you show on a daily basis. You can also show appreciation through a genuine compliment about your partner’s physical appearance or reinforcing their strength of character. Whether you’re heading out the door before work or hanging up the phone, your verbal cues carry as much clout as the physical. Show love and gratitude everyday.

Connect during the day
Both partners may have very busy and demanding work schedules, but a simple call or message once during the day offers a nice opportunity to see how their day is going and squeeze in a few laughs on the slow days.

No Grudges
Happy couples will not dwell on negative situations and allow them to continually resurface down the line. They know silent treatments will not resolve conflicts and instead choose to apologize sincerely and at the earliest opportunity.

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